2021 Incentive Grant Recipients

2021 Incentive Grant Recipient: Elizabeth Breeden, PharmD

Residents and their Preceptors


Project Proposal: Evaluating Primary Care Provider Documentation of Combined Hormonal Contraceptive Side Effects Following Pharmacist-Provided Education

Elizabeth Breeden, PharmD, currently serves as the PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Resident at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Campus Health in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Pharmacists are medication experts that can be utilized in college health centers, specifically in primary care clinics, to optimize medication use. Combined hormonal contraceptives are frequently prescribed by primary care providers; patients and providers should discuss and address potential side effects during appointments. Pharmacist-provided education can hopefully improve the assessment and documentation of side effects related to combined hormonal contraceptives as well as increase provider confidence in adjusting prescribed medications when side effects occur.

I am excited to see the impact a pharmacist can make in a provider’s practice. Focusing on combined hormonal contraceptives as a class of medications is a great place to start. In the future, this project could be expanded to other medical conditions or medications and allow pharmacists to further collaborate with primary care providers. I am honored to receive this grant and hope the findings from this project will help other college health centers incorporate pharmacists into their primary care settings to provide medication expertise.