2020 Incentive Grant Recipients

Residents and their Preceptors

Jacob Saling

Project Proposal: Scaling Technician Product Verification (TPV): Developing an Implementation Strategy for a Nationwide Grocery Chain Pharmacy

Jacob Saling, PharmD currently serves as the community pharmacy resident at Kroger Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Saling graduated from the University of Tennessee. 

Although TPV’s utility as a means for safely increasing access to clinical pharmacy services has been established in the literature, this alone is not enough to scale this innovation nationwide. Studies show that it takes 17 years for an evidence-based practice to take hold in a clinical setting. Literature relating to TPV and its scalability has centered mostly on the institutional setting, leading to questions on how to best implement and scale TPV in a community setting.

"The University of Tennessee and Kroger have done so much for me. They are the places that gave me the opportunity to be a pharmacist. I am most excited about being able to give back to both places that have invested so much in me. It is an absolute honor to be recognized and mentioned with the pharmacists that have won this grant before me."