2020 Incentive Grant Recipients

Residents and their Preceptors

Kyle Lee

Project Proposal: Analysis of Community Pharmacist’s Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices about cannabidiol (CBD) products 

Kyle Lee, PharmD currently serves as the PGY1 Community-Based Practice Resident at the University of Southern California (USC) Pharmacies and Affiliated Clinics in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from the University of Arizona.

He was inspired by the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD products have become increasingly prevalent in social culture and in pharmacy practice to treat conditions such as pain and anxiety. Additionally, THC and CBD product derivatives are growing areas of research. Therefore, his team wanted to research the average pharmacists’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding CBD products. They are interested in finding out how pharmacists perceive CBD products and how this will have future implications for pharmacy. 

"I’m excited to see whether the results from this study will cause more pharmacies to begin carrying CBD products and whether pharmacists will begin recommending them to patients. The grey area and stigma surrounding CBD products causes them to be a controversial product to recommend, therefore it will be interesting to see how pharmacists perceive these products. The incentive grant and being a part of USC School of Pharmacy will allow me to reach out to a wide population in order to get a more accurate representation of the pharmacy population."