2020 Incentive Grant Recipients

Residents and their Preceptors

Kathryn Anderson

Project Proposal: Impact of pharmacist provision of naloxone at an independent community pharmacy operating under state naloxone protocol

Kathryn Anderson, PharmD currently serves as the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at Medicine Mart of West Columbia in West Columbia, South Carolina. She graduated from the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy.

In 2018, naloxone was provided to only 1 in 69 patients dispensed a high dose opioid. Pharmacists provide patients with support and education for safe medication use every day. Providing naloxone is another way to do just that.

"I am excited to have received support to provide education and training devices to patients. In any emergent situation, there is a hope that someone is nearby and prepared to respond. Being able to send training devices home with patients allows them to train trusted family, friends, or neighbors in the event of an emergency."