2019 Pinnacle Award Recipient

Premise Health

Group Practice - Health System - Corperation Award


Direct healthcare company Premise Health operates health and wellness centers for large organizations, including many of the Fortune 1000. Its unique position – located onsite or near where people work and live – allows Premise to take a personalized approach to care that enhances quality, experience and value for patients. This approach has earned it one of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the healthcare industry and resulted in better outcomes and lower costs.

Premise’s pharmacy model is unique. Premise pharmacies are funded by organizations to provide direct care to their populations, allowing Premise pharmacists to spend more time with patients. Additionally, Premise pharmacists and technicians are trained on and universally deploy wellness coaching techniques that support patients in their health goals. Premise pharmacists and providers utilize one electronic health record, which creates opportunities to collaborate with each other and outside providers. It also allows them to monitor clinical performance and adverse medication effects.

Two programs best represent how Premise’s pharmacy model cares for members. The first, Care Connect, leverages a proactive approach to medication management. Premise pharmacists reach out to patients regularly, helping them avoid missing doses and anticipating concerns before they arise. This approach saves time and money for patients.

The second, Dimensions, is a chronic conditions program, where eligible members commit to meeting routinely with a pharmacist. This pharmacist is in a patient-facing role; instead of dispensing medications, he or she has the freedom to fully support patient care. Dimensions is extremely successful because of its ability to marry lifestyle changes with condition management, while also providing patients with month-to-month accountability. Premise exceeded the 95th percentile for HEDIS in hypertension and A1C control in a study for one organization. 

For employers, this unique model means real savings. One Premise client reduced medical and prescription costs by $13.8 million over three years, while another experienced risk-adjusted cost savings for attributed pharmacy patients of $217 PMPM verses patients attributed to community pharmacies. In fact, through its work Premise has discovered that when primary care providers and pharmacists collaborate on patient care, clients experience 40 percent savings. These savings are beneficial for clients, but the real success is that savings exist because patients are healthier. Through its unique approach, Premise is helping people get, stay, and be well.


2019 Pinnacle Award: Health System

Premise Health