2019 Incentive Grant Recipients

Practitioner Innovation in Immunization Practices

Stephanie White

Project Proposal: Increasing Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates in a Rural Community

”It is my goal to help provide greater access to pneumoccal vaccines for patients in a rural environment. Through a partnership between Lumberton Drug Company, a local independent pharmacy, and  the family practice of Lumberton Family & Urgent Care, it is my goal to improve vaccination rates to reduce the incidence of preventative diseases."

Stephanie White, PharmD currently serves as a Clinical Pharmacist at Lumberton Family Practice and Urgent Care. Located in Robeson County, NC, the practice treats a large percentage of the population who are Lumbee American Indians. The major disease states in the area are diabetes and hypertension with much of the population also having a tobacco use disorder leading to higher rates of COPD. Dr. White intends to demonstrate the value of team-based care through increasing pneumococcal vaccination rates at Lumberton Family Practice and Urgent Care. 

“I am extremely passionate about moving the pharmacy profession forward through thinking creatively to develop a profitable practice, while also optimizing patient care outcomes.”