2019 Incentive Grant Recipients

Practitioner Innovation in Immunization Practices

Shanna O'Connor

Project Proposal: Implementation of a vaccination referral program for hepatitis C-infected patients

“Idaho State University's Bengal Pharmacy is excited to have support from the APhA Foundation to conduct this feasibility project that builds upon an existing partnership with Health West, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Pocatello, ID.  We hope to demonstrate a sustainable service that provides targeted, enhanced immunization services for patients living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, thereby closing gaps in vaccination records and improving patient care.”

Shanna O'Connor, PharmD currently serves as the Director of Clinical Services at Bengal Pharmacy and Assistant Professor at Idaho State University, College of Pharmacy. Dr. O'Connor intends to use the existing partnership between the FQHC and an independent, non-profit community pharmacy to increase referral rates from in-clinic pharmacists to the community pharmacy for vaccinations.

“Idaho is a big state with a small population, so it's one of the least densely-populated states in the nation.  Our patients living in rural areas often struggle to have adequate access to care, so partnerships like the one supported by this grant are critical in helping to expand services and deliver care in innovative ways.  I am excited to work on this project and continue to advance the care for patients in rural Idaho!”