Residents and their Preceptors

Lindsey Lagestee

Project Proposal: Satisfaction With Levothyroxine Related to Concurrent Consumption of Selenium-containing Supplements and Foods

“With the conduction of this research I hope to discover some patterns in patients taking levothyroxine that may eventually make the management of thyroid conditions easier for patients. I also hope this research can help raise the profession of pharmacy to an even higher level clinically, giving community pharmacists another opportunity to contribute to the healthcare system in a novel way.”

Lindsey Lagestee, PharmD, currently serves as the  PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Resident at Jewel-Osco Pharmacy in Richmond Hill, GA.

Dr. Kerr hopes to evaluate the percent of patients taking levothyroxine and selenium-containing supplements and/or foods concurrently.

"Within the next 5 years I would like to contribute further to the profession of pharmacy by creating a fun run (5K) to help raise funds for patients who need high cost chronic medications, and also use my musical talents to play and sing for those in facilities suffering from memory loss to help with memory recall."

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