2018 Pinnacle Award Recipient


Federal Bureau of Prisons

Nonprofit Organization - Association - Public/Private Partnership Award


The health care mission of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is to deliver medically necessary health care to approximately 155,000 inmates in 122 facilities nationwide in accordance with proven standards of care, without compromising public safety concerns inherent to the Bureau's overall mission. The pharmacy program consists of over 168 US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and civilian pharmacists that are encouraged to practice at the highest level of their licenses, through a multitude of clinical services and programs.


The BOP embraces an interdisciplinary team medicine model and view pharmacists as healthcare providers and equal partners in the healthcare team. In addition to traditional pharmacy roles, pharmacists utilize collaborative practice agreements (CPA) with physicians in order to manage multiple areas of care including, but not limited to: diabetes, HIV, hepatitis, mental health, pain management, palliative care, anticoagulation, hypertension, asthma, and immunizations. Clinical outcome data collected from pharmacy-run clinics attest to their effectiveness by repeatedly demonstrating improved clinical outcomes and helping patients attain treatment goals. Clinical pharmacy services have become an essential, widely utilized and valued component of the BOP healthcare team with competent and highly motivated pharmacists improving care throughout the agency. Correctional Health is Public Health. Healthcare provided by BOP staff transcends the confines of our facilities. Offenders returning home are often healthier with potential to have a positive impact on the health of their families and community.




2018 Pinnacle Award: Nonprofit Organization - Association - Public/Private Partnership

Federal Bureau of Prisons