2018 Pinnacle Award Recipient

Balls food stores

Group Practice - Health System - Corperation Award


For over 25 years, Balls Food Stores (BFS) pharmacies have been committed to providing patients the highest quality of care by empowering their pharmacists to practice at the top of their licenses. Under the banners of Hen House, Price Chopper, and Sun Fresh pharmacies, Balls Food’s pharmacists provide clinical services such as immunizations, medication therapy management, and medication synchronization to their patients across the Kansas City metropolitan area. These programs help BFS pharmacists focus not only on ensuring patients receive the right medication at the right time, but also on managing comprehensive health and wellness.

BFS prides itself on quality and innovation in pharmacy-provided care: a Hen House Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in the state to administer yellow fever vaccinations for international travel and Balls Foods is one of the only pharmacy chains in the nation providing pharmacogenomics testing in a retail setting. With the goal of developing change agents to maintain this innovative outlook, Balls Foods has trained 37 post-graduate pharmacy residents and well over 1000 area pharmacy students. Balls Food Stores also offers the Start Now program, a comprehensive wellness program run by residency trained and board certified pharmacists. Start Now provides biometric screenings to help individuals learn about their health, hospital discharge counseling to help avoid medication errors, and chronic disease management services for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.



2018 Pinnacle Award: Group Practice

Balls Food Stores