2018 Incentive Grant Recipients

Tanner Kowalski

Project Proposal: Improving Outcomes in Pediatric Patients Through Pharmacist-Led Transitions of Care

“As a pharmacist I always strive to provide the best possible patient care. Part of this is ensuring that the patients and their families have the knowledge and tools necessary to independently manage their medical conditions once they leave the hospital. The intention of this project is to demonstrate the importance pharmacists have on ensuring a safe and stable transition from the hospital to home.”

Dr. Kowalski is a PGY1 community pharmacy resident at the Skywalk Pharmacy in Milwaukee, WI. The intention of his study is to validate the crucial role pharmacists play in providing continuity of care to pediatric patients. His project will include tracking pharmacist transition of care interventions at discharge, assessing postdischarge 30-day all-cause emergency care visit and hospital readmissions, and evaluating 90-day medication adherence.

Tanner Kowalski hopes that “by conducting this project I can add credence to the notion that as pharmacists we can do more than just dispense medications. As medication experts we provide an important service to our patients, one that can empower them to live better and healthier lives."