2018 Incentive Grant Recipients

Taylor Harris

Project Proposal: The Implementation and Evaluation of Preconception-focused, Community Pharmacist Provided Interventions to High Risk Women of Child-bearing Age

“I am a huge advocate for educating our community about healthy living, especially when it pertains to women. When I learned [about the] high mortality rate in Cincinnati, I felt compelled to make some sort of difference.”

Dr. Harris is a PGY1 community pharmacy resident with Kroger Pharmacy in Cincinnati, OH. Her subject, preconception, was spurred by Hamilton County ranking among the worst 10% of counties in the United States for infant mortality. The aim of her study is to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of men and women related to preconception health, to assure all women of childbearing age have access to preconception and interconception care, and to reduce disparities in pregnancy outcomes.

Taylor Harris hopes to positively impact Cincinnati’s infant mortality rate through helping women appropriately prepare for motherhood: “This project utilizes the services pharmacists are already providing to make interventions that target potentially high risk women.”

"I am excited and humbled that my project will receive funding from the Incentive Grant because it provides a platform for this issue to be heard and acted upon. There are so many women who don’t receive appropriate continuity of care, and more specifically preconception care. As more healthcare providers learn how to provide preconception services in an effective manner, I believe it will become a part of our daily routine, and knowledge in our communities will be increased." 

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