2018 Incentive Grant Recipients

Shaneka Frazer

Project Proposal: BRIDGE (Building Relationships and Implementing strategies to Deliver care, Gain medication access and provide Education) for Supporting Transitions of Care Services in a Predominantly Spanish-Speaking Community

“The motivation behind the BRIDGE project was to develop and implement a transitions of care service that is catered to a predominantly Spanish- speaking, underserved patient population along the Mexican border.“

Dr. Frazer is a PGY1 community pharmacy resident with the University of Texas at El Paso and University of Texas Austin Cooperative Pharmacy Program. Her practice site is the Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, Inc., in El Paso, TX. She states that “language barriers, literacy insufficiencies, and inaccessibility to affordable medications are all factors leading to non- adherence and possible disease exacerbations.” Dr. Frazer emphasizes how gaps in care and medication errors are most likely to occur during transitions of care from inpatient to outpatient settings. The consequences of these gaps and errors could lead to 30-day hospital readmissions and other adverse events. 

“With this project, I aim to BRIDGE that gap by providing a transitions of care service that is geared to fulfilling the cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic needs of my patient population.”

Dr. Frazer has a few innovative ideas she would like to implement at her practice site: "I will be creating a placemat-sized prescription label reading tool that shows all the components found on a prescription vial label. Patients will be taught where to find pertinent information, such as refill information, doctor’s name, pharmacy contact information, etc. The patient will be able to draw and manipulate the simulated label to facilitate active learning. Additionally, I will be creating medication regimen cards that feature the STOP, START, CONTINUE model. Pictograms will be utilized to indicate medication indication and dosing regimen. It will detail the patient’s name, pharmacy information, primary care doctor information and allergies. Finally, both innovative tools will be developed in Spanish and English to cater to our specific patient demographic."