2018 Incentive Grant Recipients

Katie Doong

Project Proposal: Evaluating the Early Implementation of Pharmacist-Provided Patient Care Services of a Statewide Pharmacy Network within a Regional Grocery Chain Pharmacy

“Giant Eagle Pharmacy is a large, high-volume regional grocery chain that has multiple pharmacy locations, a clinical support team, and a call center. These unique features create a very exciting opportunity to evaluate the early implementation of pharmacist-provided patient care services.” 

Dr. Doong is a PGY1 community pharmacy resident through the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and Giant Eagle Pharmacy. Her study will take place at 16 different locations within the Greater Pittsburgh Area with the aim of evaluating the initial implementation of pharmacist-provided patient care services as part of the statewide Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN). The aims are to (1) elicit the pharmacy teams’ experience with engaging patients in comprehensive medication management in their pharmacies; and (2) assess how patient engagement evolves over a 6-month time frame.

“I am most excited for the opportunity to bring attention to Giant Eagle Pharmacy's participation in [this] recently formed statewide community pharmacy network.”