2018 Incentive Grant Recipients

Alex Mills

Project Proposal: Assessment of HIV-positive Patients’ Perception and Referral Sources for Immunizations Compared to the HIV-negative Population

Dr. Mills is a PGY1 community pharmacy resident with Walgreens Corporation and Purdue University in Indianapolis, IN. His passion for the HIV population stems from his international APPE rotation in Kenya. “ Although it was a resource-constrained healthcare setting with endemic HIV, assistance from around the globe [allowed] us to effectively control HIV/AIDS, resulting in our patients living long enough to succumb to “aging” comorbidities: Diabetes, HTN, and CVD [rather than HIV/AIDS itself].” 

 Previous literature has identified significantly reduced immunization rates in HIV-positive patients. Dr. Mills aims to quantitatively identify and compare HIV-positive patient’s perception of immunizations to the HIV-negative population and determine referral sources for immunization recommendations.

Alex Mills emphasizes how all patients with HIV “deserve a holistic approach to their health”.