2017 Pinnacle Award Recipient

Community Pharmacy Foundation

Nonprofit Organization – Association – Public/Private Partnerships Award


The Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) advances community pharmacy practice and patient care delivery through grant funding and resource sharing. Funding priorities focus on grants that highlight new and emerging patient care services that are sustainable, transferable, and replicable in community pharmacy practice. Grantees are often from innovative community pharmacies or are academicians in partnership with community pharmacists operating in single and multiple locations.

Many studies evaluate payment models for pharmacist services delivered independently or in collaboration and partnership with other health care providers. As of July 2017, CPF has funded 172 grants, of which 144 are complete and 28 are in study. The topic categories are broad and encompass areas such as medication management, patient safety, disease states, pharmacy business models and general topics of interest to community pharmacy practice. CPF grantees deliver tangible results which are shared in the peer-reviewed publications and practice implementation toolkit sections of the website.

Collaboration and partnership with several national pharmacy organizations also advance community pharmacy priorities through individual projects as well as long-standing ongoing initiatives. Findings from a recent CPF grantee survey revealed that researchers, community-based pharmacy practitioners, caregivers, consumers, and patients expressed immense gratitude for the support and interventions CPF grants have provided. CPF’s impact continues to resonate at the local, state, national, and even international levels. To learn more about CPF, visit http://www.communitypharmacyfoundation.org/.


2017 Pinnacle Award: Nonprofit Organization

Community Pharmacy Foundation