2015 Boyle Family Scholarship Recipient

Nellie Jafari

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy


Nellie Jafari is a fourth year student pharmacist at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia. She is currently the National Project Coordinator for the APhA-ASP International Standing Committee.  Nellie has served as the International Vice President and Local Exchange Officer for her APhA-ASP chapter for two years as well as held other various leadership positions throughout her time in pharmacy school.  Due to her passion and involvement in public health, Nellie has served as an official delegate for APhA-ASP at World Congress and was selected as a representative for the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. She plans to continue to advocate for pharmacy nationally and internationally and be an active member of pharmacy organizations, such as APhA. Her goal is to one day be a transformational leader in pharmacy after completing a pharmacy administration residency.