1953 Society


Taking its name from the year the APhA Foundation was chartered, the 1953 Society is a group of pharmacists, new practitioners, and student pharmacists who show their leadership and commitment to the future of pharmacy through philanthropy.


When you invest in the 1953 Society, you invest in the pursuit of new concepts in pharmacy practice.

As a 1953 Society contributor you foster innovation.

-You sustain our efforts to demonstrate and quantify how pharmacists, as key a member of the healthcare team, can improve patient outcomes.

-You make possible the expansion of projects where we demonstrate how new innovative pharmacy practice models contribute to better healthcare.


As a 1953 Society Innovation Supporter you can contribute in a variety of ways

  • A donation of $1,953 (consider giving via a Donor Advised Fund or gift of appreciated stock)
  • Monthly donation  of $162.75 scheduled over 12 months
  • Quarterly donation  of $488.25 scheduled over 12 months

New Practitioner Innovation Supporter - $19.53 annually 

Student Innovation Supporter - $19.53 annually



Thank you for investing in our future. Your 1953 Society charitable contribution enables us to continue to gather the evidence demonstrating the key role pharmacists can and should have on patient care and health care outcomes.

Questions? Please contact info@aphafoundation.org.

We thank our generous supporters.