2021 Incentive Grant Recipients

2021 Incentive Grant Recipient: Gabrielle Law, PharmD

Residents and their Preceptors


Project Proposal: A Curriculum Review of Diabetes Device Technology Education at Colleges of Pharmacy in the United States

Gabrielle Law, PharmD, currently serves as the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at Walgreens/Purdue University in Indianapolis, IN.

As the literature lacks evidence of what pharmacy schools are teaching about diabetes device technology, evaluating the extent to which diabetes device technology is taught in schools/colleges of pharmacy may provide valuable data for what community pharmacists know about these devices as they enter practice. With the increased exposure to CGMs in the community pharmacy, it is critically important for pharmacists to stay current with the continually advancing, cutting-edge technology of these devices. Based on the personal experiences of study investigators at Indiana schools of pharmacy, exposure to these devices and how to interpret CGM-related metrics during pharmacy school classes has historically been limited, creating a knowledge gap on how to utilize these reports and educate patients on their diabetes management.

I am so honored to receive an Initiative Grant this year and grateful for the support from my mentors and preceptors in the Walgreens/Purdue University program. I am excited to explore a topic that I am passionate about and help improve patient care and the student learning experience.